Hotel Rajka


When the word Rajka is said in Valmez, the witnesses remember the restaurant, the opening of which in the first half of the 1970s seemed a bit like a revelation. At the time, a very modern concept of the building itself and the services offered. Large space with almost thirty tables plus a lounge. And above all, excellent cuisine, whether Karel or Mirka cooked, and fast staff, brought up by interwar "professionals" - let's name Soňa Papoušková, Tonička Pečivová and, above all, Chief Láďa Křížek, who would undoubtedly survive Bohumil Hrabal himself.

Surprisingly, Rajka survived even in the post-revolutionary period and did very successfully, albeit a few tens of meters away from the original building. Jan Kulajta from the Bonver company to which this building belongs explains: We opened the "New Paradise" in the former Service House in 1997. After Ahold, as the operator of the Albert supermarket, asked us to expand its business, a solution was sought to to maintain the established restaurant Rajka. Our owners managed to buy a former service house and transform it into a Rajka restaurant as we have known it for the last 20 years. "

For the last seven years, the company has been preparing the reconstruction of the entire building, which was inevitable due to its technical condition. It was not only about careful architectural and conceptual preparation, but also about securing considerable funds that this construction required. The owners of Bonver have come up with the expansion of the offer with four-star hotel services while maintaining a popular restaurant. The introductory phase of the design work was provided by Meziříčák Zdeněk Kerekanič (who, among other things, also solved the project of the Krásenský brewery). His project was subsequently revised and modified by the architectural studio Archito from Prague, specializing in hotel construction not only throughout the Czech Republic and represented by Ing. arch. Chitov. "In the final phase, we tuned the final form of the interiors for some time through the local studio Kubla Architects, which is represented by Ondřej Kubla, a native of Podlesí. Both Ondra Kubla and Zdeněk Kerekanič have been cooperating with our company for a long time on a number of our other projects. The process of "final tuning" of our property therefore took several years. Since this is a property in our hometown, we wanted to create something really high quality that will be a good advertisement for us and our city for the next decades and not just a "quick leaven", adds Jan Kulajta. "I would like to thank everyone with whom we conducted negotiations during the preparations and the actual implementation, whether they were representatives of the city of Valašské Meziříčí or the owners of the surrounding properties. This building is primarily sensitive for the inhabitants of the adjacent apartment building (Zašovská 169), so our thanks for the helpfulness and patience during the permit and reconstruction belong especially to them ".

Restaurant Rajka wants to continue its tradition of popular "lunch restaurants" not only for VM residents. Customers showed that Jirka Ostřanský's kitchen and service is still "pulling" even during his temporary work in the former U Klokana restaurant during the reconstruction. This chef and his team will try to "entice" guests in the evening with the services of the newly renovated restaurant.

The Valašské Meziříčí company Bonver has already reconstructed many of its properties in the city. Last year, it was Krásenský pivovar as a private activity of Mr. Pobořil, co-owner of the company. In the following years, the company plans to culture the building of the children's library, which will move to the premises of the reconstructed Svět cinema in the near future. The building should be used for the needs of the Rajka hotel (eg conference rooms) or in the spirit of a "house of services" with a hairdresser, pharmacy, small retail space, etc. "In our" reconstruction finder "is also the building of the former pharmacy on Svěrákova street. where the Valmezbike bicycle and bicycle shop is located, represented by Květoslav Kovář. Valmezbike is a quality partner for us, so we would like to beautify the building and continue to use it in the current way, ”concludes Jan Kulajta.